USA Flag Softball Medal

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The patriotic USA Flag Softball Medal is an attractive large American Flag medal that comes in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This 2.75″ antique finish medal features a hit for all activities. Choose from one of our many full color ribbons!

Size: 2.75″ Medal

The writing techniques of customized crystal trophies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are durable and some have outstanding writing effects. The following will introduce the characteristics of various writing techniques for you. You can choose the writing technique that meets your needs to customize Customized crystal trophies.

1. Crystal trophy sandblasting engraving technique

Use the method of developing the hollow pattern or words on the film to stick to the surface of the crystal, and use the sandblasting machine to imprint the pattern on the film onto the surface of the customized crystal trophy. The effect of this text is off-white and has a frosted texture. The advantage of this method is that it can retain the original color of the customized crystal trophy material, and the patterns and characters will not fade or wear.

2. Crystal trophy laser engraving technique

Using laser fixed-point laser technology, through computer software to control the position parameters of patterns or words, through the surface of the customized crystal trophy and engraving in the middle of the crystal trophy to make words, it is visually close to white and cannot be felt. The advantage of this method is that it can retain the original color of the material of the customized crystal trophy, and the patterns and characters will not fade or wear away, and it can have a 3D viewing angle. With the light, it can produce the light and shadow effect of the characters and patterns, which is colorful and dreamy.

3. Crystal trophy inkjet color printing method

It is a method of printing patterns or words on special adhesive paper, and then sticking the film to the surface of the customized crystal trophy. This method has a total of three visual effects, fully transparent (both front and back can see the pattern, one front and one reverse pattern), translucent, opaque effects. The advantage of this method is: full transparency can keep the transparent and bright of the crystal trophy, and you can get a gradient color printing pattern. Transparent is more clear and easy to watch; opaque is as clear as printing a gradient color pattern on paper, and the color of the pattern is high in chroma. The disadvantage of this technique is that it will discolor and damage over time.

4. Crystal trophy UV printing method

Use a UV machine to print patterns and words on the surface of crystal trophies. Gradient colors and white can be printed. The surface is covered by a UV layer. It can be printed on the front or back of the crystal trophy. The 3D effect is outstanding when printing on the front, and the printing on the reverse The color is full and clear. And printing a white base on the bottom of the color or on the surface can make the color more vivid and beautiful. The advantages of this method are: the color is more durable than the color printing method, the color is bright, and the visual 3D sense is strong. Disadvantages are: there may be color drop when not printed in the same batch, poor white color accuracy may have rough edges.

5. Crystal trophy coloring method

Based on the sandblasting engraving technique, the depth of engraving is deepened, and the color of the design patterns and characters is toned and incorporated into the engraved patterns and characters, and the visual effect of color filling is produced after solidification. The advantages of this method are: attracting attention and emphasizing key points.

6. Crystal trophy patch method

The method of placing the pattern or text content on a metal sheet, and then sticking it to the surface of the customized crystal trophy, this method can be divided into metal etching sheet, metal printing sheet, and gold foil printing sheet according to the choice of metal sheet material. The advantages of this method are: the metal etching effect and durability are the best, and it can be stored for a long time; the metal printing sheet has more colors to choose from, the production is faster, and the cost is relatively lower; the gold foil sheet is low in cost and fast in production.

7. Embossing method of crystal trophy

In this prefabricated mold, the pattern or text is prefabricated in the mold, and then the crystal raw material is heated and melted and poured into the mold, and the crystal raw material is pressed into the mold by a hydraulic press. After condensation, the pattern and words are formed on the crystal, and then After grinding and polishing, 3D embossed patterns and characters are formed on the crystal. The advantage of this method: the visual effect of 3D relief is outstanding, the disadvantage of this method: the mold is expensive and requires a large number of orders.

8. Crystal trophy solid wood carving technique

If the customized crystal trophy uses solid wood materials, use a mechanical cutting machine and a laser cutting machine with computer software to input data, use the machine to carve on the surface of the wood, and use the mechanical cutting machine to carve patterns and words that are the original color of the wood. The pattern engraved by the laser cutting machine is burnt color. It is more environmentally friendly to use a mechanical cutting machine, and the texture of a laser cutting machine is better. The advantages of this method are: beautiful and beautiful, and reduce the weight of the customized crystal cup.

Each writing technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the technique that best suits your needs to achieve the effect of a customized crystal trophy.

Trophies and trophies are designed to bring special meaning to the recipients. There are countless shapes of crystal trophies. With the advancement of production technology, the shapes of many crystal trophies can be customized, and many shapes have special meanings. Or it is suitable for certain occasions and has been chosen by many orderers, just to bring more meaning to the recipients. Let Purchasing easy to introduce some common customized crystal trophy shapes for you.

1. Digital anniversary modeling of trophies and trophies

Express the meaning of this kind of customized trophies in a straight-forward and intuitive way. They can be customized into shapes of different numbers, which are suitable for occasions with special anniversaries such as the anniversary of the company’s founding and the anniversary of the tenure of senior employees.

2. Trophies and trophies for sports events

This kind of customized trophy can be customized into various sports shapes such as track and field, football, badminton, etc., which are suitable for awarding occasions of various sports events, because various sports shapes can make most people have more intuitive associations, and can make these Sporty trophies are associated with meaning associated with sporting events.

3. Trophies and trophies for music events

It is common to use musical notation staves or the shapes of various musical instruments. Customized trophies are suitable for awarding awards in various music competitions. The shape of musical notation staves and musical instruments can be clearly recognized by others as trophies for music competitions. Show this customized crystal shape trophy traits.

4. Traditional cup type of trophy

This type of customized trophy is relatively traditional and common. The shape of this trophy is derived from the British “Love Cup”. According to legend, a king of England was assassinated by an assassin when he took a glass of wine offered by others to drink. Later, a kind of etiquette was formed at the banquet in England: a large wine glass was passed around in a circle among the guests in sequence; when each guest took the wine glass, he had to stand up, and the people around him also had to stand up , which means to “protect” drinkers from being assassinated like the kingdom. The wine cup in this custom is called the Loving Cup. The love cup is traditionally regarded as a precious gift for the “high class”. With the change of the times, this kind of “love cup” was given to the winners of the competition, and evolved into a common trophy shape today. This kind of customized trophy is usually relatively large, often with two big ears. These characteristics They are all inherited from the evolution of the Love Cup. They are often seen in major competitions and are also relatively conservative and safe.

When we need to order customized trophies, the choice of size is one of the important considerations. In addition to affecting the weight, if it is too large, it will cause trouble for the winners’ handling and storage, and if it is too small, it will appear too petty. Therefore, Choosing the proper size is very important when ordering a custom crystal trophy.

1. Crystal trophy size

There is no fixed standard size for trophies depending on the shape and manufacturer, but they can be roughly divided into the following sizes: small trophies about 18 cm high, medium trophies about 25 cm high, large trophies about 28 cm high, special trophies The large trophy is about 34 cm high.

2. Weight of crystal trophy

Generally, the mass of the K9 artificial crystal used in custom-made crystal trophies is about 2.56-2.66 grams per cubic centimeter. As shown in the figure below, the height of 25 centimeters is about the level of a medium-sized trophy, and a weight close to two kilograms is more acceptable to ordinary people. The weight and size of the crystal trophy are generally recommended to order customized crystal trophies, but of course, customized sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

3. Dimensions of famous trophies

(1) Academy Awards

Commonly known as the Golden Man Award, it is issued by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize and reward outstanding achievements in American films. This award trophy is commonly known as the Little Golden Man. The trophy is 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) high and weighs 8.5 pounds (about 3.85 kg). The statuette is made of tin-antimony-copper alloy polished, then plated with 10K gold leaf, then finely ground, plated with 24K gold leaf, and coated with luminescent paint on the outer layer.

(2) World Cup Championship Trophy
The World Cup Champions Trophy currently in use, nicknamed the “Hercules Cup”, is the second generation of the World Cup Cup trophy designed and used. Designed by Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. The height of the Hercules Cup is 36.8 cm and the weight is 6.1 kg. The Hercules trophy is made of 18K gold. The diameter of the base is 13.1 cm. It is made of two layers of green malachite. The main shape is two Hercules holding the earth with both hands.

Artificial crystal is glass with high lead content, so it is also called high lead glass and lead crystal glass. In general glass, mainly silicon dioxide, adding a certain proportion of lead oxide can be made into artificial crystal, and it has high brightness and transparency. It is very similar to natural crystal and can be used to create custom crystal trophies and other crafts.

1. Material characteristics of crystal trophy trophy

Generally, glass with a lead oxide content of more than 24% is called artificial crystal. The chemical properties at this time are in the best state. Compared with ordinary glass, the light transmittance is better (more than 90%). ) The hardness is higher, the wear resistance is higher, the refractive index is larger; it can transmit more colors in the spectrum, the specific gravity is larger, and the hand feel is heavier.

2. Crystal trophy trophy material use

High-lead glass can be produced into high-grade lead glass handicrafts and customized crystal trophies through the process of quenching, removing impurities, blowing, grinding and polishing, pondering and engraving, and the light can reflect colorful colors through pondering and carving. In ancient times, it was generally called Liuli.

3. Crystal trophy material standard

Glass has strict specifications in the world, Glass: that is, ordinary glass products. Crystal: High-lead glass, also known as crystal, is the guarantee of high-lead glass with a lead oxide content of 24%.

4. The difference between artificial crystal and natural crystal

Most of the artificial crystals supply the manufacture of crystal handicrafts, customized crystal trophies and other crystal gifts, with excellent decorative functions. The main components of artificial crystal and natural crystal are silicon dioxide, and high-purity silicon dioxide is called crystal. Natural crystal is quartz crystal, which is hexagonal columnar crystal. It is formed under high temperature and high pressure environment, and has extremely high hardness and strong refractive index.

(1) Inclusions
Pure crystals are transparent and colorless mineral crystals, but there are very few natural crystals that are completely free of impurities. Most natural crystals contain natural inclusions, such as cotton wool-like impurities, stone patterns, air bubbles, etc. Artificial crystal is made of quartz sand through a certain process, and is manufactured by fine cutting and grinding technology. The crystal is transparent and free of impurities, which makes up for the lack of impurities in natural crystal, and is more suitable for making customized crystal trophies.

(2) Color
The artificial crystal, especially the colored artificial crystal, has an average color and is therefore suitable for making customized crystal trophy gifts. Natural crystals are extremely difficult to generate naturally, and the color of each place is average, and there are color differences when they are generated. And it is very obvious on citrine. The yellow of citrine is a part of the color of the inclusions radiating to the whole crystal, not the whole crystal is yellow.

(3) Using refraction
One of the special features of natural crystals and artificial crystals is that they are different from natural crystals, which have birefringence characteristics. If you put a hair under the natural crystal, you will see that the hair in the crystal has a double image when you look at the crystal. Crystal balls with a diameter of more than 4 cm will be easier to compare.

(4) Lighting
The cracked surface of natural crystal has a variety of light colors, which are emitted from the inside out, while the light on the cut surface of artificial crystal is only obtained after adding lead oxide, and it will only appear on the surface.

The meticulous and dazzling customized trophies in people’s hands need to go through a lot of production processes to complete these customized trophies that represent the glory of the winners. These steps can be roughly divided into: design, 3D sample simulation, and mold making , casting semi-finished products, finishing and other steps, let Sourcing easy to introduce the whole process of the production of customized trophies for you!

1. Design trophy trophy

The designer presents the details of each part and angle of the trophy on the design draft according to the customized requirements of the trophy.

2. 3D sample simulation of trophies and pedestals

The designed design draft is presented through computer software as a 3D simulation map, and then a sample of the customized trophy is presented through 3D printing technology, and the proportions and angles of each part of the customized trophy are presented in detail.

3. Sculpture trophy trophy

Use the sculpture method to sculpt the customized trophy samples and coordinate the details of the trophy with the ordering party.

4. Molding of trophies and pedestals

After communicating the details with the ordering party, make the mold used to cast the trophy.

5. Casting trophy trophies

Pour the material selected for the trophy, such as alloy, single metal (alloy is mostly used) into the mold to cast the trophy.

6. Preliminary modification of trophies and trophies

Grinding and correcting surface imperfections.

7. Electroplating or waxing on trophy pedestal

Use electroplating technology to electroplate different types of metals on the surface of customized trophies to present the metal texture of plating, or wax to make the surface of metal trophies more glossy.

8. Fine repair and polishing of trophies and trophies

After detail grinding and polishing, every detail of the customized trophy is completed.

After understanding the production process of customized trophies, I realized that the production process of the original trophies is so complicated, but it is also because of this that it seems that the trophies in the hands of each winner are so precious, and it also seems that this substantial glory is so coming. Hard-won and deeply commemorative, it is worth cherishing and remembering the glory and joy of winning the award.